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We are a Non Government Organization working to help the unemployed youths , Womenfolks, Poor farmers , economically backward students and physically challenge persons of our Society. Unemployed is an alarming problem in India which will be indirectly effecting the Indian economy. We will try to find out a way of self sufficient by means of cooperation and self helping each other.
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Aims & Objects

  • To support the Unemployed, Poor and economically backward families of the society
  • To encourage banking services amongst the farmers, unemployed youths to avail subsidised loans
  • To start income generating activities in rural areas
  • To develope different groups which would be eligible for receiving benefits from government programmes
  • To provide a forum through which men and woman's awareness related to income generating activities such as group and money management skills, record keeping, manufacturing and marketing knowledge can be achieved
  • To promote social harmony and peace among the different communities

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