Terms & Conditions of The Scheme

  • Life time membership Fee - One time donation of Rs. 1000.00
  • New members will be given a Life Time Membership Card
  • Every new members have to introduced at least 2(two) members will be promoted to Associate Members. Associate Members will get bonus, travelling allowances after every level upgradation.
  • There will be a direct introducers bonus who introduced more 2(two) members.
  • The Organisational Structure will be formulated in levelwise system(Level 1,2,3,4,5,......etc.) and every upgraded level there will be a "Unemployed Support Scheme." In this Schemea lucky winner will be selected amongst the members and Associate Members to help his/her entrepreneurship project. Unemployed Support Scheme will be notified to every members through mobile message before 2 dys.
  • Administration charges of 10% will be deducted in every reward, bonus and support schemes
  • Fund management of the Lifeline charitable Society will be based on Individual donations. Govt.grants. Membership donations, Donation bsed crowed funding and other donations.
  • Time to time amendment of the rules and regulations will be there when the situationarised.And in any matter the decision of the managing body will be final.